Automated CI with Cypress and Github Actions
How to set up a reposotory that enforces good practices of triggering Cypress tests upon merge requests, which automatically merge and deploy upon passing
August 17, 2022🏷cypresscivercelgithub actions
Scrimba's Learn Typescript for free
Course review of 'Learn Typescript for free' from Ania Kubow on Scrimba
March 2, 2022🏷scrimbatypescript
Lessons for November 2021
Leadership, Management, Networking, etc.
November 15, 2021🏷leadership
Lessons for September 2021
LinkedIn Learning - DevOps
September 9, 2021🏷devopslinkedin
Lessons for June 2021
FrontendMasters, YouTube, and other resources regarding React and TypeScript
June 30, 2021🏷reactyoutubefrontendmasterTypeScript
Intermediate React v3
Course review of 'Intermediate React v3' from Brian Holt on
June 17, 2021🏷frontendmastersreact
Complete Intro to React, v6
Course review of 'Complete Intro to React, v6' from Brian Holt on
June 5, 2021🏷frontendmastersreact
Web Performance Fundamentals
Course review of 'Web Performance Fundamentals' from Todd Gardner on
June 2, 2021🏷frontendmastersperformance
Production-Grade Next.js
Course review of 'Production-Grade Next.js' from Scott Moss on
May 29, 2021🏷frontendmastersnextjs
Lessons that Didn't Click - May 2021
TypeScript from freeCodeCamp and Advanced React from Wes Bos
May 13, 2021🏷wesbosfreeCodeCampTypeScript
Baseball Scoreboard
Tinkering with state management again to create a working baseball scoreboard
May 9, 2021🏷labbaseballnextjsuseStateblevins
Harry Potter Characters
A simple exploration of pulling in data from an API
May 1, 2021🏷labharry potternextjsapi
Articles for April 2021, Jacob Kaplan-Moss
April 24, 2021🏷reading
Short Youtube Tutorial on React Testing Libary and Jest
Short Youtube Tutorial on React Testing Libary and Jest
April 14, 2021🏷youtubejestreact testing libraryblevins
I created a dynamic visual mood board and a keyboard-triggered isolated tracks from The Smiths' 'How Soon is Now'
April 9, 2021🏷labmusiccsswesbos
CS50 Lesson 9 (Flask)
Notes on Lesson 9 'Flask' of Harvard's CS50 course.
April 8, 2021🏷cs50
CS50 Lesson 8 (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Notes on Lesson 8 'HTML, CSS, JavaScript' of Harvard's CS50 course.
April 1, 2021🏷cs50
CS50 Lesson 7 (SQL)
Notes on Lesson 7 'SQL' of Harvard's CS50 course.
March 31, 2021🏷cs50
CS50 Lesson 6 (Python)
Notes on Lesson 6 'Python' of Harvard's CS50 course.
March 29, 2021🏷cs50
CS50 Lesson 5 (Data Structures)
Notes on Lesson 5 'Data Structures' of Harvard's CS50 course.
March 28, 2021🏷cs50
CS50 Lesson 4 (Memory)
Notes on Lesson 4 'Memory' of Harvard's CS50 course.
March 27, 2021🏷cs50
CS50 Lesson 2 (Arrays) and Lesson 3 (Algorithms)
Continuing the CS50 courses, I've watched the Arrays course and Algorithms (Lessons 2 and 3)
March 26, 2021🏷cs50
React Context and CS50 Lesson 1
React Context and CS50 Lesson 1
March 23, 2021🏷cs50
Kickstarting 2021 with Learning
Starting the journal accountability
March 22, 2021🏷cs50
First Commit
Setting up this site
March 19, 2021🏷meta