Scrimba's Learn Typescript for free

In the scrimba course Learn Typescript for free, Ania Kubow makes use of the Scrimba platform to cover a basic introduction to Typescript. I'm a fan of Scrimba, and I'm also a person for whom Typescript is taking me a while to get used to, especially since I'm not coding daily. Therefore I was excited to see this was avialable on their platform. I feel like drills, drills, and more drills are what it takes to get used to and appreciate having Typescript part of the tech stack of an app. So this is a welcome course.

It's not without some small issues. Sometimes files were so long, that Ania would be talking about a section of the file that I couldn't see. I'd have to scroll around a bit to find out what line she's referring to. I think this is more of an issue around just how Scrimba works, but I'd suggest that content creators on this platform could account for that by making reference to what line number they are talking about in their voice over.

Additionally, part of what Ania demonstrates in the value of Typescript is that the editor will tell the code author information, like what types are inferred, or what errors are occurring, once the mouse hovers over certain areas of the code. I could not see this UI when Ania hovered her mouse over code, but she did a good job of guiding the user to do that themselves so that we could follow along.

The course certainly doesn't cover everything, which is fine - as it would likely be a 10+ hour course. I recall Ania mentions is an 'advanced typescript' course, but I don't see that in the list of courses on Scrimba, so not sure if that's just not released yet, if it's on another platform, or if I'm just flat out blind to it. Either way - I appreciated the drills and I look forward to more similar courses that continue that kind of approach.

March 2, 2022🏷scrimbatypescript